South Sydney Rabbitohs x Zoom x CrowdClip

See how CrowdClip created personalised videos for attendees of a Women in League Event promoting growth in female participation.

The personalised videos delivered helped Zoom increase their sponsorship exposure and awareness of the event.

Hear how CrowdClip® works for Business Conferences from CEO & Founder Naomi Henn

One highlights video turned into many shareable CrowdClip® Videos

CrowdClip delivers outstanding results for all sponsors looking to expand their reach and promote awareness of impactful events.

38 personalised CrowdClip® videos created

19 hours saved for the videographer*

*Based on estimate of editing 38 individual personalised videos

108 Files of footage ingested

Easy Attendee Check-In!

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See what we made for South Sydney Rabbitohs & Zoom

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