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Manage, Edit, and Share

CrowdClip enables anyone, of any age, to be able to manage, edit, and share via three simple steps.



Game/event footage, panel footage, fan footage, training, events, drone shots, professional, streaming footage, computer footage, or social phone footage.



Simply select and order the pre-clipped videos that have been picked up by the platform’s AI and paired with individuals identified in the video. Now anyone can have their own storyline.



Share clipped videos across your social media channels. Videos can be disseminated and tracked across social and web platforms simultaneously.


Engage your Members, Fans, Supporters and Players like never before. Learn more about your audience by capturing their details and allow them to engage with your video content and templates to create their own personalised video.

Our Products

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CrowdClip EVENTS

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CrowdClip PRO

Perfect for videographers

CrowdClip SPORT

Perfect for grassroots organisations leagues, clubs lookings to create engaging content


Federations, Leagues, Teams, looking at distributing content during post games to engage with their audience

CrowdClip FANHUB

Users of CrowdClip Sport & Enterprise can use FanHub to allow their fans, supports & members to engage with your video content by creating their own personalised versions


Users of CrowdClip Sport & Enterprise can allow their athletes and competitors to create their own unique highlights reel from your events or games whilst ensuring brand consistency

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The Problem

The time it takes to create & distribute branded and personalised video content is:

  • Time consuming
  • Expensive
  • Completed using numerous software solutions
  • A very manual and labour intensive process to ensure brand consistency and the correct video templates are used
  • Unable to ensure commercial value
  • Broken from a mass fan distribution point of view
  • Fragmented in relation to viewership model
  • Not scalable and cannot be commercialised

The Solution

Saving you thousands of hours to create, commercialise & distribute video content at scale through our PATENTED AI:


  • Understand your fans
  • Create rules, templates and brand guidelines
  • Creating micro influencers from you organisations Fan base
  • Finding the unique moments that matter
  • Production & Distribution at scale
  • Create video & viewing experiences for every fan & supporter
  • Create Sharable and relatable videos for every fan & supporter


  • Data Collection
  • Understanding your fans, supporters to talk to them
  • New viewership
  • Assets
  • Recognise new & existing partners
  • Drive back to owned properties or your Partners / Sponsors
  • Measure & Reporting
  • Integrated video advertising model

Fan Engagement

  • Amplifying Reach
  • Generating content at scale
  • Creating micro influencers from you organisations Fan base
  • Creating engaging & highly shareable content
  • Reach your Fan base
  • Combined and share personalised and professional footage


  • New Digital assets which may also be commercialised
  • Recurring & New Revenue
  • Micro influencers from you organisations Fan base
  • Content
  • Video & viewing experience for every fan & supporter
  • Personalise Sharable and relatable videos for every fan & supporter
  • New Viewership
  • New traffic sources and promote content back to owned properties
  • FanHub

What people have said

CrowdClip is the perfect Video distribution solution for every Sports Team, Club, League, Federation, or Player. CrowdClip helps create new and meaningful content that can be commercialised while providing ways that allows fans to interact and engage with videos in modern and exciting ways.

Mitch Lowe

Co-Founding Executive of Netflix, CrowdClip Investor & Chief Evangelist

CrowdClip is the amplification and broadcasting engine for sports franchises to drive revenue from their media, leveraging fans to drive reach, engagement, and sponsorship value.

Bill Tai

Seeded six multi-Billion dollar companies including Zoom, Wish, Canva, NBA Top Shot & CrowdClip Investor

CrowdClip brings a way to make shortened clips of athletes from games e.g. every time Lebron James made a shot in the last game. The software will spit it out so that you can put a highlight reel on Twitter really fast, or just analyse him in the game. Now every athlete has the ability to promote themselves on social media without having to edit the whole game.

Kevin Wolf

NBA, NBC, Virgin Videographer & CrowdClip Investor

What people have made

The team

Proven entrepreneurial technology and business development capability. The Founder and Executive are backed by a team of developers, super-users, and ambassadors.

Naomi Henn

CEO & Founder

Ex-Pro athlete. 10 years in Sports, Media & Tech. Young Australian of the Year Finalist. “25 Under 25” Business Icon Award. Grew previous startup to 2nd biggest booking engine in Australia – 5th on the Appstore.

Cameron O'Riordan

Commercial Lead

20 years in the sports, digital and tech industry. Sales and Commercial leader. Board member of Australian Sports Technology Network (ASTN). In his past roles at GameDay and the NRL, Cameron has led Commercial and Marketing teams globally driving revenue both domestically and abroad.

Mitch Lowe

Shareholder & Chief Evangelist

Mitch is the Co-Founding Executive of Netflix. Former CEO of Movie Pass and served as the President of Redbox.

Bill Tai

Shareholder & Advisory Board member

Seeded six multi-billion-dollar companies including Zoom, Wish, Canva. 1st investor in Zoom. 22 IPO’s. CrowdClip Shareholder and Advisory Board member.

Scott Alexander

Shareholder & Advisory Board Member

10+ years developing innovative products and bringing them to market. Helped build video ad technology company LKQD Technologies. Previously Global Product Manager at Red Bull Media House, where he launched Red Bull TV. Video product and video advertising guru. CrowdClip shareholder and Advisory Board member.

Mark Thompson

Head of Growth Strategies & Corporate

20+ years leadership experience in the Sports Commercial sector. 10+ years of sports/tech startup growth experience. Founder & CEO of SponServe – 115+ major sports clubs on the SponServe platform before its successful acquisition by KORE Software, including 80% of Australian Clubs, 75% of English Premier League Clubs plus US and European Rights Holders & Brands.

Eddie Fitzgibbon

Head of Business Development & Sales

Back in Australia after 5 years with the International Cricket Council and 5 years consulting in the USA with some of the most respected rights holders, agencies, and SaaS products.
Eddie is passionate about tech, SaaS, data, and how it will revolutionise sport.

Alex Hay

Head of Growth

10 years working across Sports and Technology, Alex was part of the Leadership team who successfully built, grew and sold SponServe. Alex played an important role in the growth and success of the organisation across UK/Europe.

Kevin Wolf

Shareholder & Ambassador

Professional videographer and content producer, and one of the world’s best filmmakers. Previous work includes GoPro, Red Bull, Harvard, NBC, NBA, Virgin and many more. Considered an industry leader. CrowdClip ambassador & shareholder.

Elliot Yeo

Shareholder & Ambassador

Professional Australian Rules Footballer. CrowdClip ambassador and shareholder.

Create personalised video content
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Our mission is to elevate the world of video to share incredible content with Joy.

Naomi Henn

Naomi Henn, CrowdClip's founder was a competitive athlete her goal was to follow in fathers footsteps who was an Olmypian grade athlete himself. After every Athletics meet Naomi would spend hours upon hours with her Dad analysing video footage from the Athletics meet to identify the important moments to her.

There was no solution that would identify the unique moments that matter from the event and be able to package it up ready for distribution to create awareness and promotion.

CrowdClip was born and its patent pending AI technology takes video and allows it to be personalised and ready to be distributed. With CrowdClip you can create customised professional looking videos based on your experience of a video or an event, for anyone on any budget, from; federations,teams, players, attendees, or fans from a sporting event, to a yacht week event, business conference, or a wedding.

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