Are you a Videographer?

We are THE video platform for videographers who want to earn more money and work less hours!

How do we do this?

We offer tailored deliverables by using our patented AI to find each person's top moment but using your awesome quality content at scale!

Now, you have an army of videos going from one to a hundred versus investing in labour to help.

Amplify your CONTENT

Amplify your INVOICES

Amplify your AUDIENCE

How it Works

  • 1. You charge your clients to generate personalised videos from their event

  • 2. Guests check-in to the event with a quick selfie

  • 3. You capture the event like normal

  • 4. CrowdClip AI edits your footage

  • 5. Guests receive their shareable, personalised videos!

See how CrowdClip is helping Videographers amplify their content globally!

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