Explore some of our most frequently asked questions about CrowdClip® here.

If your question has not been answered, please contact the friendly team at hello@crowdclip.com


Who can use CrowdClip?

We’re in the process of creating the world’s best AI-driven video editing software that will be accessible to absolutely everyone.

In the meantime, our platform is best used by videographers, event organisers, and for weddings.

Do I need to download an app?

Nope! After you’ve purchased your event and filled in your event form, the CrowdClip Team will be in touch with your exclusive event check-in web page!

I didn't receive my form to customise my event check-in page

The link to fill in your event check-in form will be found on your order confirmation email. Please check your spam/junk if it has not appeared.

Alternatively, please contact us at hello@crowdclip.com if you still have not received the check-in page form link.

How does CrowdClip recognise my event guests?

CrowdClip's patented AI technology uses facial recognition to identify your event guests in the event footage. All we need is for your guests to check in via your exclusive check-in page!

How is my footage stored with CrowdClip? Is it Safe?

CrowdClip is easy to use, reliable, private and secure. CrowdClip's platform is hardened with the latest security best practices to ensure the safety of your most important files.

How do I upload my footage to CrowdClip?

After your event, the CrowdClip Team will send you an upload form where you can provide links to your footage. That's it!

How long does it take to receive my CrowdClip Videos?

You can expect to see your CrowdClip videos within 5 business days of the CrowdClip team receiving the footage.

One of my guests didn't check in to my event!

Not to worry! You can send your unique event URL to them post-event to ensure they are identified by CrowdClip's powerful AI!

Event Organisers

Do I need to engage a videographer to use CrowdClip?

CrowdClip works best using the professional footage from a videographer. After all, they're the experts.

Please contact CrowdClip if you would like to have a professional videographer included in your purchase.

My event has more than 200 people - Can i still use CrowdClip?

Yes! Either add additional videos to your package or contact the CrowdClip team at hello@crowdclip.com for a custom quote.

My event has already happened - can I use CrowdClip?

Yes! CrowdClip can be used both before and after an event has happened. Simply purchase your event package and share your check-in page to the event attendees after your event. At the same time, simply provide access to your event footage and let us take care of the rest!


I’ve got footage from a previous event, can I use CrowdClip to turn that into new content?

Absolutely! Using CrowdClip to produce new content using existing footage is an amazing, low-cost way to leverage existing assets to create new marketing content. 

If you need to quickly identify who was at your event, our exclusive check-in page can be sent to your guests post-event.

How do I convince my clients to use CrowdClip?

CrowdClip recommends a re-sell price which allows videographers to increase their margins and offer clients a new and innovative digital product.

Videographers can now offer personalsied, individual professional videos for very minimal extra work.


Is CrowdClip something I use, or something my videographer would use?

CrowdClip works best with the professional footage from your expert videographer. All you need to do is provide us access to ALL the footage from your special day.

How do my guests access their video?

Your guests are automatically emailed their personalised CrowdClip video - so you don't have to!

Can I give each guest a personalised video as a wedding favour?

Yes! As long as they are spotted in your beautiful footage!